Hearing health in children is more important than many might realize.

Audiological issues could contribute to developmental delays and challenges with learning. At Premium Hearing Care we place an emphasis on making sure infants and children are screened for hearing loss, and if any is detected, we create treatment plans that will benefit the child now and into the future.

The audiologist will test your child’s hearing through wearing headphones (if tolerated) or speakers in a sound booth. Depending on the age and abilities of your child, one or two audiologist(s) may complete the diagnostic hearing evaluation.

Types of Hearing Loss in Children

The most common type of hearing loss for children is conductive hearing loss. Most of the time, this type of hearing loss can be treated medically and will be referred to a specialist.

The second most common type is sensorineural hearing loss. This is referred to as “nerve” loss with damage inside the cochlea (hearing organ) or along the neural pathway. This hearing loss can be assisted by use of hearing aids or cochlear implants.

And then mixed hearing loss is a combination of the previous two, which is less common in children. Your child may need the assistance of an ear, nose and throat specialist for treatment of the conductive component and then would return to our practice for fitting of hearing aids for the sensorineural hearing loss.

We are trained in performing newborn hearing screenings, which are designed to evaluate an infant’s ability to hear and respond to sounds around them. We believe that early diagnosis is key when it comes to hearing loss, as it allows us the ability to work with a child to ensure they stay developmentally on track.

Premium Hearing Care offers a complete range of audiological testing, diagnosis, and treatment plans for every stage of hearing health. Contact us today to learn more!